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strategy& media planning

Utilize effective brand messaging and clear vision to drive media planning. Create impactful strategies and monitor success with proven tactics to maximize ROAS, conversions, and build market share.

 My proven full-funnel approach is what makes me stand out from the competition. I take my time to understand the full picture of your marketing needs and create the right plan for you. 

paid social

Meet your audience where they’re at using a full-funnel approach. Create multiple touch point ads to reach each stage of customer journey. Dive deep into the data to optimize campaigns.

Target prospecting and remarketing audiences to nurture leads into loyal customers. Leverage your website visitors, customers, and lookalike audiences for people to create or keep interest in your brand.

PAID search & seo 

Develop powerful acquisition strategies across multiple channels to drive traffic, growth, and conversions via Search Engine Marketing SEM and SEO.

Get your brand to the top of search engines, youtube, and other websites with the message you want to control. Take advantage of all Google has to offer in Programmatic Display Ads, Youtube, Smart Shopping, Performance Max, Search, & Remarketing to reach your highest value audience. 




My name is Janae LeVander. I believe in powerful cross-channel acquisition strategies to deliver results. I am dedicated to getting my clients top results with high ROAS. I am a self-starter with a growth mindset, eager to make your goals a reality.



You worked hard to get users to your website. We want to make sure they convert. That’s why we optimize landing pages for conversions by analyzing heat-mapping data. 


I specialize in targeting the nuances of optimizing conversions for various business models including lead generation, subscriptions (SaaS), and eCommerce revenue.  


Don’t miss out on potential customers just because they didn’t convert the first time. Create custom audience segments based on actions taken on your website, social platforms, and more through pixel, on-platform, and first-party list-based targeting. Implement strategic messaging and creative for each point in the funnel.   


Bring on the data. Create comprehensive reports leveraging first party data, competitive analysis research, and CRO to make data driven decision based on KPIs. 

Measure success and opportunities for growth to make data-driven decisions. Track performance across all channels to drive results. 



I take my time to understand my client's needs and goals. Audit the client’s current challenges to identify opportunities for growth. and I understand your WHY to turn your vision into an actionable marketing strategy to reach your goals together.

My Approach


Next, I come up with a unique and robust cross-channel strategy for your specific goals. Transparency and adaptability are everything. We define success to you and meet the challenge. More than just managing your accounts - I want to leverage the right platforms and types of ad placement that are best for you. 


I design a strategy that encompasses each stage of the marketing funnel from Awareness & Acquisition to Consideration to Conversion to Retention & Advocacy. Map out your customer journey to show leads the right path to take to become customers.


Combine best practices, innovative techniques, staying up to date with current trends, critical thinking, and creative problem solving to build strategies and create client success stories.

3. identify trends in data

I am a self-proclaimed data nerd who loves to identify trends and ways to optimize campaign performance. I execute data-driven decisions to drive media plans and exceed expectations. 


I get it, data is hard to understand. That’s where I come in to synthesize the data for you in a digestible way for you to understand the biggest takeaways with full transparency. I uncover our biggest wins and also areas for growth.

5. Optimize Often 

The key to successful digital marketing is optimization. I work with a team to make sure your campaigns are on target and running smoothly. We will assess performance and make sure your campaigns are getting you where you want to be.

What Clients Say

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 10.37.23 AM.png

Rob Hallstrom, President at 714 Media 

Janae has been integral to our succcess. She has fresh new ideas and explains them in a way we can understand. Our sales doubled and with each new post, followers were more engaged. Worth the investment. 

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